Creative Ideas For Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried flowers have such a unique charm of their own that they remain a favorite decor element. They are also adaptable to most settings, whether it is formal, informal, playful, quirky, and yes, shabby chic. Dried flowers are preferred by many people because they last a long time, making them a practical alternative to fresh cut flowers. They are also a sustainable way to use flowers and leaves since they do not require water and preservatives. For great ideas on how to use dried flowers, Red Earth Flowers recommends these design tips.

Recycle Old Jars

Old jam jars and other glass containers make excellent vases for dried flowers. Tall and thin or squat and wide, glass containers can hold as many or as few dried ornaments with ease. Look for produce pots and other glass containers that could be lying forgotten at the back of the pantry or visit garage sales and secondhand shops for more unique finds.

Play around with the dried flower arrangement. Use a single type of flower such as daisies, roses (and rose buds), flax, or poppy heads or mix them together to create texture and interest. To achieve better control of how the flowers appear above the rim, tie the stems together with a string. Leave the vase as is or use colored glass or stones to keep the stems in place.

Use Aluminum Buckets

If you have small aluminum buckets, arrange dried flowers and stems in it then place at various spots in the kitchen or living room. Aluminum buckets have a lovely country feel and will do well for most decor styles. Wrap the aluminum bucket with a raffia ribbon or place stickers with inspirational quotes. You could also use wide colored ribbons as well.

Arrange Dried Flowers in Glazed Jugs

If you prefer a minimalist approach, take a glazed jug of any color and place a single stem of dried flower or twig in it. This is a simple yet statement-making piece that looks great on a center table, a corner table, or on a large kitchen table.

Create a Table Centerpiece

Speaking of the kitchen table, why not make it that much more festive for a special occasion by creating a dried flower centerpiece? Depending on what you prefer, you could use a long rectangular arrangement or a thick round design. Try poppy heads, rose buds, delphiniums, statice, and oat stems for the centerpiece. Cut the flowers at the desired length, then group together using wire. Build gradually to create a full arrangement.

Create a Wreath

A dried wreath is a lovely decor that is perfect for Easter, autumn or the holidays. Take some natural material such as twine or dried grapevine and wrap it into a circle, then arrange dried flowers, leaves, and stems. Flowers can be grouped together at the base, then built upon with more flowers as you move towards the sides. The flowers can be attached to the vine using hot glue or secured in place with wire. Arrange the flowers and stems so the wire is completely covered.

Create a Mantelpiece

Do not leave the top of the fireplace bare. Use the space to show off a simple dried flower arrangement as its focal point. Use colorful dried flowers for spring and summer and more muted colors for fall and winter. Add stems, ferns, twigs, and pinecones to the arrangement. Be as simple or as extravagant as you want, depending on the occasion and on the size of the mantelpiece.

Decorate a Glass Dome

A glass dome filled with dried flowers can be quite dramatic, especially when added with tiny lights. Measure the diameter of the glass dome base, then take dried flowers and arrange them. Tie the stems together using wire or clear tape, then cover with vintage paper or twine. Trim the bottom part of the stems to make it even, then attach it to the base of the glass dome. Place the glass dome on its base and show off your creation.

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